Log SQL on ATG

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To log SQL turn on logging debug for your Repository component.

For example, set /betweengo/repository/Repository.loggingDebug to true.

Note that a lot of SQL statements are outputted. If you want to selectively turn it on and off you can put this in your JSP where you want to start logging SQL.

<dspel:setvalue bean="/betweengo/repository/Repository.loggingDebug"  value="true"/>

And then put this in your JSP where you want to stop logging SQL.

<dspel:setvalue bean="/betweengo/repository/Repository.loggingDebug"  value="false"/>

Note I think this solution only works if you are using a javax.sql.DataSource like in a JBoss configuration.

For ATG’s atg.service.jdbc.FakeXADataSource there are special properties for logging SQL.

Property Description
loggingSQLError logs SQL exceptions as errors
loggingSQLWarning logs SQL warnings received by the pool
loggingSQLInfo logs SQL statements sent by the pool
loggingSQLDebug logs JDBC method calls made by the pool

For debugging purposes most of the time you will just want to set loggingSQLInfo=true.

For further reading please see Configuring ATG Data Sources for Data Import in the ATG Installation and Configuration Guide.