Bootstrapping is the Rage

Web startups boot strapping themselves are all the rage.  Every few weeks someone approaches me with a new idea.  The implementation plans for the venture are almost always identical.

  • web application
  • open source framework, usually Ruby on Rails, sometimes PHP
  • free database, almost always MySQL
  • cloud hosting
  • small group of guys, typically people who have made money at a previous venture
  • no salaries, just equity

Inspirations for these companies are places such 37signals, Wufoo, Plentyoffish and World of Goo.

I enjoy hearing the ideas and almost joined one venture.  But in the end none have been compelling enough for me to risk 6 to 12 months of income.  Hopefully I’ll think of one on my own. 🙂

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-29

  • ATG Date Tag Converter is Buggy because Java’s DateFormat are inherently unsafe for multithreaded use. #
  • Covariant Return Types in Java – betweenGo. It is nice to be able to override the return type. #
  • JavaServer Pages (JSP) and JSTL – attribute items does not accept any expressions. I was getting this because wrong URI #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-15

  • How to Debug an InvalidVersionException from Updating an ATG Order. Eclipse debugging and JSP debug code. #
  • How to Debug an InvalidVersionException from Updating an Order in @ATG_ecommerce. Eclipse debugging and JSP debug code. #
  • ATGLogColorizer for Colorizing ATG Server Outputs and Logs. Color is wonderful. Red means errors, yellow means warnings. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-16

  • JavaScript Invalid Argument in Internet Explorer Only. You can't have spaces in windowName argument of method. :// #
  • ATG Currency Converter Not Working With JSTL c:set. Debugging with Eclipse helped solve the problem. #
  • SugarSync promo ends 8/31. Sign up for free service and we each get 500 MB more. Why I like it lots #

Extracting Text From PDF Files

From the Mac Tricks and Tips blog I saw this interesting article, Extracting Text From PDF Files.

  1. Open Automator, found in Applications > Utilities
  2. In Automator drag out “Get Selected Finder Items”, then “Extract PDF Text”. I recommend changing the output option to Rich Text.
  3. Save the file. Either as an application or a file.
  4. Test. Drag a PDF file onto the Automator file and let it do its work, after a short time you will have a text file with the extracted text.