betweenGo Consults with Cineplex to Release Latest Version of Online Store on ATG

Cineplex Store

On Monday, August 30 Cineplex launched the latest version of its store running on ATG 2007.1 and JBoss 4.0.5.GA.

Cineplex ..:: Gift Cards betweenGo with Bell Canada was proud to be part of this release.  betweenGo implemented the handling of gift cards and product bundles and other eCommerce features.

Specific features we implemented for gift cards and product bundles included:

  • product listing
  • search listing
  • display in cart and throughout checkout
  • handling of taxes and shipping costs
  • promotions
  • inventory status
  • adding gift cards to the cart (required some JavaScript magic

Other features we implemented included:

betweenGo was proud to be part of this enjoyable project.  If you need expert ATG consulting please contact us.

betweenGo now on Twitter

betweenGo is now on Twitter so you can follow us there too.

I used the following image of an Apple aluminum MacBook keyboard from William Hook on Flickr as my icon.

Apple Aluminum MacBook (Late 2008) on Flickr

I was going to use this image called “ATG on Red and Pink” from bixentro as my Twitter background but it didn’t look very good as a background.

ATG on Red and Pink on Flickr

I finally chose this one simply titled “ATG” by delete08 because it was more striking.


Questions to Consider When Starting an eCommerce Site

I have done many eCommerce projects and am looking forward to doing more.

The most interesting eCommerce projects are the ones that are starting from scratch.  I was fortunate to be a part of several such projects including, and  Of these the project was by far the most interesting because I was simultaneously the director, lead engineer, and QA. 🙂

Whenever I start a project or am consulting for one I ask the following questions to help determine the scope and range of the project.

  1. What technology will be used?  J2EE?  ATG?  .Net?  PHP?  Ruby on Rails?
  2. What platform?  Windows?  Linux?  Solaris?  FreeBSD?
  3. How will it be hosted?  Locally?  Shared host?  Virtual host?  Exclusive host?
  4. What database do you use or plan to use?
  5. How many products, product categories and SKU’s do you have?
  6. How will catalog administration be done?  Should it be part of the web application?  Or will you use a separate third-party application?
  7. How will you manage price lists?
  8. How will you keep track of inventory?
  9. When an order is submitted, how will it be fulfilled?  Who does fulfillment?
  10. How will you handle payments?  Payflow Pro?  Cyber Cash?  CyberSource?  PayPal?
  11. How will you handle taxes?  TAXWARE?
  12. What kind of security do you want?  Will everything be handled securely via SSL?  Do you already have an SSL server certificate for the site?
  13. Will you require that to buy something you have to have an account?  If not will you want to still try to encourage buyers to get an account?  Will you be saving credit card numbers with the account?
  14. Can buyers track their order history, order status, etc.?
  15. What kind of emails do you want sent during the order/fulfillment process?
  16. Will you want to implement promotions and/or coupons?
  17. What kind of catalog navigation do you want?  Do you want a menu like navigation like
  18. Do you want the buyer to be able to search for items?
  19. Do you want product comparison?