ATG Confirm Password Bug in ProfileFormHandler

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Hi ATG Support,

I noticed a bug in how ATG’s ProfileFormHandler (ATG Java API) handles confirm passwords when creating a new profile.  Note that this bug happens only if you persist anonymous profiles.

During registration when you call handleCreate it calls createProfileItem and then updateProfileAttributes. In updateProfileAttributes it checks if the password matches the confirm password. If they don’t match it adds a form exception.

However at this point it has updated the profile attributes including the login. Therefore after the user sees the error about the passwords not matching, corrects it and resubmits the form she will see an error that the login is already taken.

The work around is to set creatNewUser to true but since the default value is false most developers will see this bug.

Update 12-22-2010: ATG confirmed this is a bug.

Hi Frank,

Thanks for the information and details. I’m glad that using ProfileFormHandler.createNewUser=true works for you. You might want to periodically check the size of the dps_user table and purge the anonymous profiles, if needed.

For your reference, I have created PR#DPS-167714 “ProfileFormHandler Confirm Password” to track the issue.

Kind Regards,
Kristi Coleman

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