Configuring ATG to Send Email via Comcast SMTP

When you are developing at home you will probably need to configure your ATG application to send email via your ISP’s SMTP server.  Here is how I configured ATG to send email via Comcast’s SMTP server.

First you need to update ATG’s configuration to point to the Comcast SMTP server by modifying {ATG}/home/localconfig/atg/dynamo/

Typically you don’t need to set the emailHandlerPort, it is by default set to port 25.  But Comcast has recently been switching over to use port 587 because email viruses use port 25 on infected computers.

Next you need to update ATG’s SMTP Email service configuration by modifying {ATG}/home/localconfig/atg/dynamo/service/

These values used to be optional but now are required because Comcast requires authentication as part of its increased security.

2 thoughts on “Configuring ATG to Send Email via Comcast SMTP

  1. Hi Anju,
    If you need more information about the E-mail functionality from end to end I think the ATG documentation is your best resource.

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