Eclipse Ganymede

I was about to write a post about how much I was starting to dislike Eclipse. Two years ago I was singing the praises of Eclipse but Eclipse Europa (version 3.3) in my opinion has been a disaster. It is incredibly slow, crashes often, runs out of memory, etc. I found myself at times using XEmacs instead because it was faster.

But today I installed Eclipse Ganymede (version 3.4) and so far life has been much better.  It is much more responsive, it is not crashing, things are running smoothly.   You can read about what is New and Noteworthy in Ganymede.  The most exciting new feature to me is the Retain case of match when replacing, just like XEmacs.

Also I noticed that in my JBoss project, hot swapping of code is again working.  I am not sure if this is because I upgraded to Ganymede or because I turned on “Build Automatically”.  I suspect it might be the latter.

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