Eclipse memory settings

Recently I have been having problems with Eclipse running out of memory.

Previously I had as my command line argument for Eclipse.

eclipse.exe -vmargs --Xmx512m

The double dashes were a problem, preventing Eclipse to properly load the correct memory settings from eclipse.ini.

I then removed the -vmargs –Xmx512m from the command line argument and instead modified eclipse.ini which is in the top level of the Eclipse installation. This blog article, Eclipse and memory settings, explains how you should put each argument on a separate line and that you can go to Help > About Eclipse Platform and then click on the Configuration Details button to check that Eclipse is running with the correct settings.

I changed this:




but I reverted back when I realized it was my original command line argument that was the problem.

I tried to use these settings as recommended in this forum, [] Re: How to prevent out of memory errors?


But for some reason that kept crashing the Eclipse startup.

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