‘Error in my_thread_global_end()’ when running rake db:migrate

When I run rake db:migrate I get this error at the end.

Error in my_thread_global_end(): 1 threads didn't exit

I pinned it down to this code in one of my migration files.

# create admin user
user = User.new
user.login = 'admin'
user.password = 'password'

If I don’t run user.save(false) I don’t get the error. I am not sure why, the user does get saved properly to the database.

I saw this post on the MySQL forums that seemed to indicate it was an issue with libmySQL.dll. So I upgraded my MySQL instance from 5.0.27 to 5.0.51a. Of course this did not go smoothly, I got this error when trying to reconfigure the MySQL server instance “MySQL service could not be started error 0”. Fortunately another post on the MySQL forums, Could not start service : Error 2003, solved this problem for me. I just had to remove the following files from the mysql/data directory.

  • ib_logfile0
  • ib_logfile1
  • ibdata1

Unfortunately when I then did a rake db:migrate I saw this error.

Mysql::Error: Table 'prayer.schema_info' doesn't exist:
SELECT version FROM schema_info

After deleting and recreating the database I was finally able to run rake db:migrate. Unfortunately I still got the same error that inspired this post.

Googling some more I saw a MySQL bug report, MySQL Bugs: #25621: Error in my_thread_global_end(): 1 threads didn’t exit. Apparently this is a client side issue and I think I can safely ignore it though it is quite annoying.

Strictly speaking, this is not MySQL bug. This is a client bug – a client application (PHP, probably) linked with libmysqlclient calls my_thread_init() but does not call my_thread_end() as appropriate (doesn’t call at all or calls too late). MySQL client library detects this and issues a warning.

On the other hand, we can just remove the check and let buggy applications to fail some other way. Not calling my_thread_end() is a guaranteed memory leak. Calling it too late could easily crash the application.

2 thoughts on “‘Error in my_thread_global_end()’ when running rake db:migrate

  1. Getting the my_thread_global_end error too – restful_authenication plugin, right?

    Are you also running in Windows (as I am?)


  2. Yes I am. I thought it was a DLL issue but after upgrading I’m still having this problem which I am choosing to ignore.

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