ATG Consulting Interview

Today I had the most detailed but at same time most interesting ATG consulting interview yet. Here are the questions I was asked with answers when appropriate in italics.

  1. Which versions of ATG have you worked with?
  2. What parts of ATG’s stack have you worked with?
  3. How do you compare ATG with Ruby on Rails?
  4. What is Nucleus?
  5. What is the ATG Repository?
  6. When creating form handlers typically what ATG base class do you extend?
  7. When creating droplets what ATG base class do you extend?
  8. What form handlers and methods do you use during checkout? ShoppingCartFormHandler, numerous handlers like handleMoveToConfirm, etc.
  9. What does a user typically see during checkout? Add to shopping cart, login, billing and shipping address, payment, confirm, confirmation, email confirmation, shipped email.
  10. How do you compare strings in Java? If String a = “hello” and String b= “hello” what is a == b? True, a and b both reference the same constant string.

In another interview I was asked these questions.

  1. What is HTTP? How does it work?
  2. If HTTP is stateless then how does a web application maintain state.

3 thoughts on “ATG Consulting Interview

  1. How experienced are you with ATG? I’m in the process of being trained and am hoping to get certified by end of year.

  2. Hi,

    I am attending an ATG interview early next week. Can you please point me to some ATG quick reference type of material. Appreciate your help.


  3. I am working on ATG from 1 year now i am changing the job. Just give me some ATG FAQ for interviews

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