ClientLockManager useLockServer property is false warning

In many ATG instances I will see this warning upon startup.

/atg/dynamo/service/ClientLockManager The useLockServer property of: /atg/dynamo/service/ClientLockManager is false and so global locking is disabled

As explained in the Enable the Repository Cache Lock Managers section of the Installation and Configuration Guide for DAS the ClientLockManager must be enabled if you are using locked mode caching anywhere in your SQL repository, which is typically the case in production when you are running more than one ATG server. The above warning is to inform the ATG administrator that currently the ClientLockManager is not enabled.

To enable it follow the instructions in the Configuring Lock Managers subsection of the Locked Caching section of the ATG Repository Guide.

On a single ATG instance environment you might still choose to setup the ClientLockManager and ServerLockManager just to get rid of this warning. To do this do the following.

  1. Enable ClientLockManager by creating localconfig/atg/dynamo/service/
  2. Start ServerLockManager by adding it to localconfig/atg/dynamo/service/

After doing this though you’ll see a warning like this.

/atg/dynamo/service/ServerLockManager No backup server is configured for Lock ServerCRAPBOOK-PRO/localhost:9010 It becomes Primary Server

So maybe in the end it’s better just to ignore the ClientLockManager warning, maybe even disable it. 🙂

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