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I was previously using DbVisualizer to query and update my Oracle databases and was not completely satisfied with it. I actually prefer PhpMyAdmin but that only works with MySQL.

Since I use Eclipse so much for development I decided to look for a JDBC plugin that is at least as good as DbVisualizer. My goal is to have in one workspace access to my database as well as my source and configuration files.

I went to EclipsePlugins and downloaded the three highest rated JDBC plugins, all which happen to be free (in some cases just for non-commercial use).

  1. DBEdit
  2. QuantumDB
  3. SQLExplorer

I installed DBEdit 1.0.3_1, Quantum DB 3.0.1 (which requires GEF, I installed 3.1.1), SQLExplorer 2.2.4.

Setup was quite simple with DBEdit, just add the JDBC driver to the CLASSPATH, give it the JDBC URL and connect. Setup was almost as simple with Quantum DB though it asks you for the components of the JDBC URL instead of the URL directly. I couldn’t figure out how to setup SQLExplorer within five minutes so I gave up.

DBEdit and Quantum DB have similar interfaces and both are similar to DbVisualizer though Quantum DB’s appealed to me a little more. However Quantum DB’s interface responded much more quickly and querying of tables was much faster. DBEdit has a nice feature, which I did not completely test, of inline editing of cell values which seems quite powerful.

Because of Quantum DB’s speed and responsiveness I am going to continue to use that as my primary JDBC plugin but I will also keep DBEdit on the side to use for its inline editing but also in case I find Quantum DB does something in an unintuitive manner.

Update: Since I posted this less than a month ago I found DBEdit much more useful than Quantum DB. It’s inline editing, inserting feature, and other editing features really make it powerful. Also its filter, scrolling through result sets, etc. are great. I highly recommend DBEdit.

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