Subversion on Dreamhost

This post is a log of how I personally got Subversion running on Dreamhost using this post.

  1. Obtained the Subversion source from, compiled it, and put the binaries in my ~/bin directory.
  2. Added the Subversion binaries to my path by adding these lines to my ~/.bash_profile file.
    # Set PATH so it includes user's private bin if it exists
    if [ -d ~/bin ] ; then

    For this change to take effect you either have to relogin or:

    $ . ~/.bash_profile

  3. Initialized new subversion repositories. For example:
    $ svnadmin create ~/svn/mk 
    $ svn mkdir \
        file:///home/fkim/svn/mk/trunk \ 
        file:///home/fkim/svn/mk/branches \

    I am following the suggested way of organizing a Subversion repository.

  4. Imported the files into the subversion repository. For example:
    svn import ~/ file:///home/fkim/svn/mk/trunk/
    svn import ~/ svn+ssh://

    Note: I was having a strange problem when I tried to do an import and kept getting an already exists error.  It turned out the problem was because what I was trying to import was a link instead of the actual directory.  This might only be an issue on Cygwin.

  5. Checked the files out. To do this locally:
    svn co file:///home/fkim/svn/mk/trunk

    To do this remotely:

    svn co svn+ssh:// mkrb

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  4. hmm…ok so what if you want anyone to be able to check out the file…say for example can’t i just do svn co… with out having to login, call it public access if you may…and yes i’m on dreamhost aswell

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