JDBC Optimization for Populating a Table

Today I was trying to determine how to optimize the populating of a table. I was using ATG Relational Views which took 3.5 minutes to add 6000 lines to a table.

After googling for awhile I learned how to do this using JDBC directly and was able to do the same populating in 0.14 minutes. That’s quite a performance improvement.

It would be interesting to contract the performance differences using ATG’s repository implementation but right now I am developing on ATG 4.5.1 so I can’t.

These are the links to the sites I used to educate me on PreparedStatement‘s and batching.

ONJava.com: An Introduction to JDBC, Part 3
JavaWorld.com: Overpower the Prepared Statement
PreciseJava.com: Best practices to improve performance in JDBC
DBA-oracle.com: Optimize Oracle INSERT performance

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