Submitting an ATG Form Using a Text Link

It has always bedeviled me how to submit an ATG form using a text link. I have asked many people about this but no one seems to know. Finally with the help of ATG support I figured it out.

Below is a simple example of how to do it. The trick is the hidden submit input which triggers ATG to call the handleSubmit method of the form handler.

<%@ taglib uri="/dspTaglib" prefix="dsp"%>




You can also invoke the JavaScript like this:



3 thoughts on “Submitting an ATG Form Using a Text Link

  1. Thanks for posting this! It was exactly what I needed to solve my problem. I’m an experienced Java developer, but very new to ATG, so your postings have been very helpful.

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  3. You can also submit the form via a text link with a simple dsp:a tag by specifying a bean and any parameters.


    <dsp:a bean="SomeBean.method" value="" href="#">
    Link Text
    <dsp:param name="parameterName" param="element.value" />

    This will then call your SomeBean’s handleMethod and any parameters that you passed, such as parameterName, will be available via request.getParameter(“parameterName”).

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